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Reopen Responsibly: A Guide for Safe and Healthy Workplaces

July 23, 2020 2021 Update

This guide is designed to help answer your questions about how to create and maintain a healthy facility during the process of reopening.

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Prevent an Active Shooter Scenario at Your Facility

March 28, 2019 2021 Update

Learn how to respond to active shooter situations, as well as enhance your security practices to make the workplace safer for your employees and for visitors to your facility.

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Can Company Culture Really Make a Difference

90% of Mergers & Acquisitions Fail

January 15, 2019

Building and nurturing a culture is important to the employees and their customers. It gives a company an identity, shaped brand perceptions and helps those outside the company identify with them.

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Facility CMMS Systems

Unleashing the Power of Your CMMS

November 01, 2018

Over the years, new technologies have been introduced to lessen the challenge of managing a facility, including Computerized Maintenance Management Systems.

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RFP Request for Proposal Time

Request for Proposal Time?

October 19, 2018

How do you solve the problem like the RFP? Whether you’re in the public or private sector, you’ve likely been involved in a facilities services RFP.

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Facility Outsourcing


July 12, 2018

According to the International Facility Management Association, maintaining an in-house facilities management staff costs 23% more than outsourcing.

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Window Cleaning Floor Cleaning Workers

Hard & Soft Facility Services

July 12, 2018

Every facility needs a proper management program to guide, direct, & keep it functioning properly & extend the life of its physical assets.

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